Who we are

The Edinburgh Easter Play is organised by the Princes Street Easter Play Trust. We are a group of Christian believers from a variety of backgrounds.

Our Aims

  • to produce a play that commemorates Easter from a Christian perspective.
  • to stage a community play that is easily accessible and free of charge to citizens of Edinburgh, whatever their belief or none.
  • to assist church unity by creating a forum for Christians from all denominations to join together in the production and participation of the event.

Board of Trustees:

The Board of Trustees has public and financial liability for the project, and it is through this body that the project gains charity status.

There are four members of the Board of Trustees: Michael Frew, John Henderson, Joan Mackel, David MacLennan and Irene Beaver.


The Steering Group:

The Steering Group meets monthly and is the main decision-making body for this event. There are currently 8 people in the group representing several churches in Edinburgh.


Suzanne Lofthus – Artistic Director
Joanna Kennedy – Stage Manager


Project Team:

The play is created by a team of community performers drawn from all walks of life. The project is made possible by a large team of volunteers working behind the scenes, drawn from all church backgrounds and none. All sort of gifts and skills will be utilised: script writing, IT, cross design & construction, costume co-ordination, legal advice, floral art, and many more.