The Story So Far

Mystery plays have traditionally been performed for centuries around the World. In many cities they continue to be performed and are attended and enjoyed by thousands of people.

In a city such as Edinburgh with its reputation for celebration of Arts and Culture throughout the year, it was felt that Easter remained a time when there are few events. An outdoor play commemorating the Passion of Christ was thought to be a suitable and exciting project that would appeal to both the Christian and wider community.

Discussion between individuals resulted in the coming together of 9 people to form a steering group representing 5 churches in Edinburgh. Easter 2005 saw the first performance of the play and a great success. Around 150 volunteers from across Edinburgh were involved from a huge cross section of the public, including people from over 30 churches.

The Play was performed from 2005 to 2010 and, after a break of two years, these productions followed :-

2013 – “Crosswords“, a series of monologues by a variety of writers, exploring different characters in the Easter story

2014 – “The Edinburgh Passion” by Rob Drummond, a radical contemporary version of the story, set in present day Scotland

2015 – “On The Edge” by Susan Mansfield, a promenade production featuring monologues from characters on the Fringes if the story.

2017  – The Edinburgh Easter Play” by Kamala Santos, a large-scale traditional Passion Play performed in full costume

2018 – The Edinburgh Easter Play – new version of the story created by the director and cast