What’s the Story

In recent years, there has been an upsurge in Passion and Nativity plays around the UK as local Christians seek to present the Gospel message to the public in a creative manner. The early church in medieval times realised that using the arts was a very effective way to communicate Christianity to an illiterate society. In the 21st century producing plays is a great way of introducing people to Jesus.

The Princes Street Easter Play Trust is delighted to be presenting the Christian message through drama. We believe our performances will help you experience the character of Jesus in a stimulating and interesting way that might help you consider Christian faith for yourself. Sometimes the productions have been traditional in style but in recent years have been given a contemporary edge. In whatever form they are presented, our productions in West Princes Street Gardens West are free and non-ticketed. In 2017 “The Edinburgh Easter Play” will be at 2pm on Easter Saturday 15th April.FiveThousand