This will be a free event for all who attend. We need financial support to make it happen. Costs include the provision of sound, insurance and advertising. There are hire costs for equipment, facilities and costumes.

If you would like to be a part of this exciting project by making a financial contribution of whatever size, then we would be most grateful. There are several ways to do this

  • Set up a Standing OrderContact us for more information
  • Send a one-off donation using the Gift Aid form where appropriate – Contact us for more information. Send cheques or postal orders to the following address. They should be made payable to Princes Street Easter Play Trust.

To help maximise your gift then please contact for a Gift Aid form. If you would like to donate regularly then please ask us about setting up a Standing Order.

Princes St. Easter Play Trust
c/o 37 Swanston Terrace
EH10  7DN


Groups and people from all walks of life have already given generously to help make the vision a reality. More information on that is available in the Project Supporters section.

We are most grateful to all for their support.