Edinburgh Passion 2014

The Edinburgh Passion was a huge success! This was the Easter story set in a modern context. A referendum will take place soon, and Jesus upsets the desire to maintain the political status quo with his radical teaching and lifestyle. His corrupt enemies believe they must get rid of him as quickly as possible by any means they can. Although they have Jesus killed he comes back to life and offers a new way to live.

The performance on Saturday 19 April 2014 took place in Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh on a day of wonderful weather. Crowds came out in great numbers, estimated at 1500 – 2000. There were great performances from many of the cast, with the critics singling out Duncan Rennie and Elaine Palmer for particular praise, as well as describing Suzanne Lofthus’s achievement as “strikingly well-choreographed”! Gill Morrison took many stunning photos which can be viewed this website. The aim was to reach people who might know very little of the original story and it seems to have worked well; lots of visitors to the city were among the audience as were people who just happened to be in the Gardens on the day.