Music Playlist 2014

  1. The Mission by Ennio Morricone (Track 5 onwards-entrance tracks)
  2. One Vision by Queen
  3. Hey Brother (acoustic) by Avicii
  4. Major Minus (x2) by Coldplay
  5. Blood Bank by Bon Ivor
  6. One Happier by Remember Remember
  7. I met you (x2) by the Proclaimers
  8. Scottish Widows by Remember Remember
  9. Crucifixion track (from The Passion) John Debney
  10. I am
  11. One Vision by Queen
  12. Read All about it by Emile Sande
  13. Glorious by the Pierce Sisters
  14. The More I believe by the Proclaimers (exit track)
  15. Other music is used through out the play and is sung and played live