The Scotsman Review

The Herald Review (no rating given)

66I was bowled over by the Passion, thought all was professional and the controversy of setting was not detrimental for me at all.99

(Audience Member)


66It was a wonderful & moving experience, I can honestly say we all really enjoyed it.  Your company were all so warm and welcoming making us feel truly a part of it all.99

(Choir Member)


66Thanks so much for putting so much of your time into such a fantastic production.  Great that you created the chance to tell so many more people about Jesus today in a novel fashion in three ‘separate’ locations.99

(Audience Member)


66It was monumental……99

(Audience Member)


66It was excellent, congratulations to all!99

(Audience Member)


One teenager and one OAP were moved to tears by the performance/story. The modern production gave an immediacy to the production.