Previous Easter Play Productions

The first ever performance was in 2005 and it was been held on the Saturday of the Easter weekend, each year until 2010. Thousands of people saw this production, and many hundreds have contributed their time & skills to making it happen.
The premier performance of the Princes Street Easter Play took place on Saturday 26th March 2005. Over 3200 people came to watch, that despite the weather being rather inclement. Many people came down from Princes Street and approx 2000 people crossed over the bridge to watch the final scenes of crucifixion and resurrection. The script was written by Kamala Maniam, director Suzanne Lofthus, with the part of Jesus played by Chris Duffy.

The same script was used in 2006, with Chris Duffy again playing the part of Jesus, Shona McNeil taking the director role.

2007 saw a change of script to that used previously at the Life of Christ, held at Dundas Estate. The cast of the two organisations joined forces this year to great effect. An audience of around 5,000 saw the resultant production. From 2007 to 2010 the part of Jesus was played by Duncan Rennie, and the director was Suzanne Lofthus.

In 2013 a brand new modern production called Crosswords was performed. Inspired by a monologue for Judas written by an inmate in Angola Prison, Louisiana, Producer-Director Suzanne Lofthus felt it would be interesting to look at the character of Jesus through the eyes of other biblical characters . CrossWords was a series of monologues ranging from the demon possessed man to Mary speaking to her 12 year old son all sharing their experience of Christ.